Time to upgrade the wardrobe

Spring is time to make coziness in wardrobe and in home. New client of Gars Telecom – famous department store Stockmann will help you in that.

Camera! Motor! Action!
We always see just actors on TV, but rarely do we wonder that behind it there is big team of professionals, where everyone does its part. Production is collective art, united painters of different professions.
Press Releases
MegaFon places bonds at record low rate as a result of strong investor interest
Moscow, Russian Federation (12 February 2018) — Public Joint Stock Company “MegaFon” (LSE: MFON), a pan-Russian operator of digital solutions (“MegaFon” or the “Company”), announces that it has successfully closed the order book for its BO-001P-04 series exchange bonds (the “Bonds”).
This is me, the postman Pechkin
What`s your association with the post office? Probably you thought about long delivery, lost packages and damaged cargo. Perhaps it concerns each organizations, but not our clients – MBE Privilege.
Secret of success

Often we encounter need to buy something, but we don`t have an opportunity on that. In this case, you can start to save money, borrow it from friend or apply to our client in «Setelem Bank» for the consumer credit with better terms.

Extravagant luxury

Clothes with skulls, Swarovski, bright prints are all about Philipp Plein. Brand, which doesn`t follow fashion, but creates it.

Enterprise & Corporate Mobile Services
Gars Telecom offers corporate clients a unique solution on installing mobile network. The solution comprises cutting-edge infrastructural benefits of MegaFon and Gars Telecom’s best practices of individual client service.
"Mobile office"

Complete office communication in which the function of the fixed-line phones is performed by the mobile phones.

"Smart office"

Package of handy and useful telecommunication services that increase the competitiveness of your business.

Mobile and Fixed Network Convergence

Free communications within the enterprise and shortcut dialing. 

Free Calls on Short Dialing (Mobile)

Single for the subscribers of MegaFon, Beeline, MTS and Viber. 

Equipment supply, rental and maintenance

Of the world's leading manufacturers.


Premium IP-telephony for the companies with large voice traffic volume.

Multi-Channel and Virtual Landline Numbers

Including vanity and easy-to-remember numbers.

Interregional and International Telephony

High-quality local and distant calls for any size of business.

"8-800" Numbers
Free telephone line for your customers - an indispensable solution for the retail business.
Virtual PBX (IP-telephony)

Virtua — office Internet telephony on the base of IP-PBX with a rich variety of features and no costs for maintenance of the equipment.

Voice Menus (IVR) and Greetings

«Golosary» — voice greetings and telephone menus (IVR), recorded by the professional announcers. 

Wi-Fi authorization via SMS
SMS2WiFi provides user authorization for public wireless networks.
Wireless internet for offices

We know how to implement a solution of any parameters in the interests of a client.

High-quality wired internet in the office

Our capabilities allow to provide any speed with consistently high quality.

IP Address Provisioning

A selection of dedicated IP addresses.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud Solutions
Software as a Service

Software As A Service = legal software with a usage charge.

Cloud Solutions
Backup as a Service: BaaS

BaaS: secure backup and storage of corporate data based on the cloud platform.

Cloud Solutions
Infrastructure as a Service: IaaS

Infrastructure As A Service = computing powers for rent and postpaid.

Networks, circuits, lines
Networks, circuits, lines

We'll combine remote offices and customers' points of presence into a single secure network.

Networks, circuits, lines
Colocation: Remote Access to the Database

Premium level colocation service on the base of one of 20+ Data processing centers. 

Networks, circuits, lines
Leased channels

Leased digital channels of the carrier capacity up to 10 Gbit/sec and more.

Consulting and Audit
Consulting and Audit
Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service)
DDOS attacks security system of all network or single IP adress.25 000 rub.
Consulting and Audit
Сaptive operators’ business management

We rescue, create, develop the pocket telecom assets.

Consulting and Audit
Telecom budget management

"Top class" in improving the outturn from the capabilities of the enterprise's telecommunications.

Consulting and Audit
Telecom consulting

We'll set a diagnosis and find the most appropriate strategy for the development of your telecom.

Consulting and Audit
Telecom outsourcing

Relegate the management of your telecom to the outsourcing and focus on the business.

Package Solutions
Internet, Consulting and Audit, Telephony, Cloud Solutions
"At all times plyusplyus"
Постоянное информационно-пропагандистское обеспечение.
"The Internet - a maximum"
Internet, Telephony, Consulting and Audit
"Internet Economy"
Удобный и недорогой тариф для бизнеса
Internet, Consulting and Audit
"Business Base"
Internet, Consulting and Audit, Telephony
"At all times"