“Sacred Don, please treat the dashing riders with vigorous juice of your vineries”, — Alexander Pushkin glorified wines of Don. This year brand “Tsimlyanskoye” celebrates 225 years and since ages it has become affordable not only for the big-city noblemen, but for every Russian family.

Tsimlyansky district of Rostov Region is famous for its benign lands, which are comparable to world vineries, concerning their soil constitution. Even Hellenic colonists cultivated grape in the lower reach of Don in в VII-VI B.C.E. On a commercial scale the vineries on Don were established under Peter I — production volumes reached 2,5 million hobbocks per year. And in the mid 50s a modern plant “Tsimlyanskiye Vina” was built. Today the vineries occupy about one thousand hectares, production is delivered to all supermarkets chains, own shops are opened. The quality of wines is marked by consumers and experts as well — the company was honored with hundreds of medals and awards.

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