Such an interesting thing the time is! When we are in a hurry there's never enough of it, when we wait for something – it lasts twice as long; sometimes we think that there is still plenty of time and suddenly it is already gone; seems like something is going to happen just right now, and now it is all over. But whatever you say, there's no doubt that time flies! And before we knew the company Gars Telecom has hit already 15 years! We are taking congratulations on it!

Over these years we've learned a lot, цуэму aquired a lot, we've walked our way up from a small operator to a major telecom company, that from year to year heads the lists of the most rapidly increasing IT companies and is being among the leading positions in various ratings of the respected agencies.

The history of Gars Telecom is an example of how a business can grow without significant investments, any belonging to the FIG or any "administrative" resources, using only the correct prioritization and focus. The key to success was the parlay on premium-class customer service and dialogue with the client with the accent on solving business problems.

That knowledge and experience allowed us to formulate the basic postulates of the company. First, we are building a company which is comfortable for working and self-realization.

Each of us dedicates half of life to work and even more. Why not doing it in comfort, surrounded by decent, talented and educated colleagues? The ability to work and communicate with outstanding personalities itself motivates and encourages to keep the bar high. And there's no need to invent artificial elements of corporate culture for the sake of unification of dishevelled, like a patchwork quilt, collective.

In Gars Telecom we strive to cultivate talent in all its forms and call such philosophy of corporate culture and business organization «Talantocracy».

Second, we do not sell hardware and services, we sell perception and comfort.

Telecom is an area where hundreds of companies sell same hardware, and dozens of providers offer similar solutions for similar prices. This formula is also true for the top ten high-quality B2B telecom market. The networks of Gars Telecom or Beeline Business, or Orange Business Services are built on the same equipment of the same manufacturers.

What is the difference? In perception and comfort. Technologically identical services are distinguished by customer service. The customer satisfaction directly depends on whether he feels comfortable and whether there is "jazz" in the relationship with the operator. And if comfort is a result of deliberately planned actions, than the "jazz" is the thing that money can not buy, because it is "chemistry" for sure.

But perhaps the most valuable achievement of Gars Telecom for all its 15 years - is a community of unique customers who have gradually become our friends. They have made a qualitative step forward in its development and as well as we know how to appreciate the comfort in business and in relationship.