Ingosstrakh” Insurance Company is one of the oldest Russian insurance companies, which began its run-up in the distant 1947. Then it was still the “Head-office of foreign insurance of USSR", which in 1972 was transformed into a joint stock company with 100% of the state capital, and in 1992 finally privatized. For the past 66 years, the company has been moving rapidly through the history of its country, without making a single stop, without reducing the rate of development and holding its ground.

“Ingosstrakh” provides a full range of insurance services, has a license to carry out all types of insurance prescribed by the Federal Law “On Insurance of the Russian Federation”, as well as reinsurance.

The Insurance company consistently ranks in the top-10 insurers of the Russian Federation and on the conclusion of the Russian rating agency “Expert RA” has the highest rating of A++.

The services of the Open Joint Stock Insurance Company are available throughout the Russian Federation thanks to the regional network that includes 83 branches with offices in 220 cities of Russia.

“A great ship asks for deep waters” and, what seems obvious to us, – good equipment for the development and maintenance of the specified rates. The group of companies Gars Telecom is willing to take on such responsibility and undertakes to ensure smooth communication of “Ingosstrakh” so that it could easily continue its rapid pace.

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The technical and financial independence of the company allow non-trivial approach to solving problems and implement projects truly oriented to the needs of customers. A policy of continuous expansion of the range of services and introduction of new technologies make it possible to offer the customers unique and innovative solutions.