UTV Media appeared in 2009 when two major media market players had merged — “Media 1” and “AF Media Holding”.

After this merger UTV became an owner of two large-scale assets: a federal youth TV channel “MUZ TV” and federal TV channel “7TV”, a little later a web-portal of the legal video music “Clip You” has joined them. Today UTV’s telecasting network covers 880 cities in different regions of Russia and the audience counts 88 million viewers.

In 2009 a new team set a course for a new concept and a new strategy of company’s development. After rebranding “MUZ TV” channel became just “MUZ” and started up with new concept, new principle of the program plan, new faces and new content. In 2010 it was “7TV” channel’s turn to be renovated — thus it became “Disney”. The updated concept and a new positioning on the market had instantly affected the economic performance of “UTV Media” and provided an unprecedented growth in profits. Gars Telecom is well aware that а ship will sail the way you name it. In 2009 we also experienced that terrible word “rebranding”, so "UTV Media"s values are particularly clear and close for us.

We are pleased that now we are providing the telecommunication stability for the national media giant, which is in step with the time, considers the importance of correct and precise positioning of the product on the market and is not afraid to change. Maybe that is why it has been changing only for the better.