Few people know that the world’s largest producer of railway equipment, as well as the fourth world producer of civilian aircraft after Boeing, Airbus and Embraer — the company Bombardier initially specialized in the production of… snowmobile.

Nevertheless, the history of the corporation, founded in 1942, began precisely with the release of snowmobiles, and later other equipment associated with active leisure activities — all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, motorboats… Having won the confidence in this area, the company sold most of its shares in order to increase their capacity to conquer the next stage of development — railway engineering. And only 40 years after the creation, in the mid-80s the company was engaged in aircraft industry.

The company came to Russia in the late 90’s when together with JSC «Russian Railways» there was created «Bombardier Transportation (Signal)», which became the first international joint venture for the Russian Railways.

As noted by the company itself, its management seeks to look into the future, at the same time anticipating and defining the further development of mobility technologies. The purpose and passion of Bombardier is to search for the best ways to overcome the long distance between cities and countries around the world for that people could become closer to each other.

As aptly noted and very fitting — it is the philosophy of building the future with your own hands, and not drifting through its already formed flow that make the company an industrial leader and the legislator of opinions. It is the philosophy, which is also shared by the company Gars Telecom. Our ideas, experience and non-trivial approach to solving problems is the key to the success of customers. And each of our actions is aimed at its implementation. We know how to manage changes, and we are able to approach the future.

The Bombardier company professes a long-term approach based on partnership, readiness for investments and active participation in the formation of the railway sector and the creation of competitive advantages for Russia and CIS countries. And the operator Gars Telecom is ready to help it to carry out all the conceived plans and to ensure reliable telecommunications rear.