Efficiency telecommunications are the success recipe of Gars Telecom new client — DHL Company which is the established world leader in the express-delivery all over the world.

World famous company began its history in 1969 several months after Neil Armstrong had landed the Moon when three partners founded door-to-door express-delivery. The first delivery air-rout was San Francisco — Honolulu. Nowadays express-delivery ancestor who has influenced business principles all over the world renders services more than in 220 countries of the world. DHL network counts almost 6500 offices and branches all over the world, 285 000 company employees and route sheet by the 120 000 destinations!

Gars Telecom has become DHL partner in Russia providing company with the wide range of abilities for further business development.

DHL is one more extraordinary and the largest client in the logistic and delivery sector that is served by Gars Telecom. Earlier our services level was chosen by such companies as Tablogix, Armadillo, Dorokhovo — NK, FlipPOST and others.