Looks like our guys-athletes just as began their run during the race Over The Top, that still can't stop it so far. Last weekend, the team of Gars Telecom again challenged itself during the «Moscow Marathon 2014».

More than 10 thousand people started that day on the second in a row Moscow marathon, which is being a part of the international sports movement, called to set new benchmarks in the urban culture of running and healthy lifestyle in general. And judging by the number of participants, the capital took the call with joy and enthusiasm.

As the histroy dictates the rules, the length of a marathon is 42 km 195 m, but not everybody just physically is able to overcome such a distance, so most people ran 10 kilometres, which is already a great personal achievement. Which precisely our guys added to their piggy bank. Of the 11 thousand people our 5 men from Gars Telecom together according to the results of timing came in the first 3000 finishing, triggering a lot of pride of their colleagues and relatives and friends that were cheering for them. Especially worth mentioning the result of Alexey Hazov, who showed the best result: he went the distance in 45 minutes and entered the first 500 of finishers. Though not much of it was left behind by his colleague Vitaly Peregoudov, who overcame the route in 48 minutes.

According to the triumphators, the question of their participation in the event next year doesn't even come on – definitely "yes". And something tells us that this time there will be much more runners from Gars Telecom...

You can see the photos here