Last Sunday the guys from Gars Telecom have proved once again that they are the great athelets. — during the Moscow half-marathon they overmastered a running distance of 21 km 150 m.

The accomplished start — second in a series of Moscow Marathon races — was not only a serious sporting event, but also visually pleasing, as it passed along the quays of the capital: Luzhnetskaya, Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya and Kremlevskaya. For those who wanted to compete at a shorter distance, there was available a satellite race of 10 km. however, not in the rules of our boys to choose what is easier. Citius! Altius! Fortius!

According to the “Gars-men”, it was only a preparatory “stage” — the main challenge awaits them in september, during the final race of the series — the Marathon. The guys are determined to overcome the well-knoewn distance of 42 km. And judging by the results of the Sunday competition, it is not destined for them to tail behind: among 6000 participants in total they finished among the first 1500. Let us recall, only half a year ago, when they were running the 10 km, the team entered the first 2000 best runners. So it is obvious that there is a tendency to improve. So, lets keep our fingers crossed! And for now — congrats to our athelets!