In this turbulent state of economy when common sense and analytical approach become major values, it is highly important to carefully build up an investment portfolio. A development company Barkli advises to analyze the situation not to invest into the air since real estate is the purchase that will live up to the billing.

“Thinking ahead. Building beyond” — such motto welcomes visitors of Barkli’s official website.  One of the eldest real estate companies in Russia, Barkli was founded in 1993, and soon after gained the status of premium developer with projects in the very centric Moscow. However, the recent economic crisis made the company to apply adjustments to its core strategy, and the shift was impeccable. By expanding the working area, Barkli found new clients and developed new expertise and proved its status of full-fledged real estate developer.

Nowadays Barkli’s projects comprise 34 finished objects, 9 under construction and 31 in development. This number includes not only those built in Moscow Central area; the company has gone even further than Moscow circle highway. It means that Gars Telecom as an official telecommunications partner is ready to rend services both on existing and aspiring objects.