It is always precious when a large reputable company with its strong position, well-organized management structure and an invaluable portfolio of successful business cases becomes your partner. But even more respectful, if it has behind itself decades of experience and an admirable position of the company that stood at the origins of the industry.

JSC «Svyaztransneft» is the oldest subsidiary of JSC «AK «Transneft», whose history is rooted in the times of the construction of trunk pipelines. To control the technological process of oil transportation they needed a single communication system. From that moment began the formation of pipeline technological communication and its extension.

The secret of the enterprise's success is the simultaneous construction of pipelines and transmission lines of communication, which allowed not to violate the established communications and quickly establish the new ones. Today the company is a single network integrator and service provider for the organizations of the «Transneft» system and accompanies all of its projects ща the implimentation of corporate information systems.

The group of companies Gars Telecom, of course, can not boast of having caught the postwar years, however, it has been actively involved in the development of the industry and had a considerable influence on its development. The company's history is inextricably linked with the chronicle of the Russian telecom market development and begins long before the official launch of the brand in 1999, Having united under its name a number of ambitious professionals, that aren't hearsay familiar with the peculiarities of Russian life and that have experience of work in major international operators, Gars Telecom became the de facto successor to the top practices of the market leaders in high-quality telecom that had stood at the origins of the Russian telecommunications industry – Global One, Equant, Sovintel, Sovam teleport, Telmos, Transtelekom and others.

Having behind them such a considerable experience, there is no doubt they will find plenty of points of intersection of interests and their partnership will be fruitful.