There are much more things Russian XIX-century play writer Alexander Ostrovsky and contemporary director Nikita Mikhalkov have in common than it could be expected. Both of them besides their art tenure have been involved in legislation matters – working for the sake of proprietary rights.

Indeed, Alexander Ostrovsky first took up a role of a chairman for an organization that later came known as Russian Authors Society – and today Nikita Mikhalkov operates as a member of its supervisory board.

RAS stands out as the largest public organization in Russia that exclusively gathers composers, writers, translators, choreographers, artists, scientists, and legal successors of authors. Thanks to its activity, people of arts and science get their deserved recognition as well as royalties, and the word “copyright” remains relevant in the era of online streaming and torrents.

Meanwhile, the modern technologies do make RAS life easier since it became impossible to communicate effectively without internet and telephony with a wide range of authors. Gars Telecom is responsible for telecommunications services for the organization so there is no room to worry for the protection of intellectual property.