As you all know, «a good worker is a fed worker», so nobody would argue about the importance of a competent organization of corporate meal service.

It should seem, what is the complexity of setting up the common canteen? The only things you need for that are the chef and so the cashier, as well as the timely delivery of the products. But in any case there are some nuances, that you learn about only when you get to work. And there are good reasons why in some office centers people are satisfied with kitchen, and in the others they are complaining about queues, quality and taste of the food, meager assortment and dubious cleanliness.

Guided by the experience and global innovation in the field of the organization of corporate meal service, the company «MFC Foods» develops individual solutions for each object regardless of a number of factors. For more than 15 years the company has successfully implemented many successful projects in industrial enterprises, institutions in social sector and the business centers and developed a perfectly balanced concept that meets the interests of the widest possible audience of office employees. As a result - more than 200 corporate clients, served in 92 facilities, aproximately 1,500 employees and a stable turnover of 65 million dollars.

But any company is being like a clockwork: if one «cog» breaks everything will run down. And if it comes to such an important part as a communication – the main «clockwork element» of the modern organization, it is always necessary to pay special attention to the process and choose the partner carefully.

The company Gars Telecom has a reputation of one of the most professional teams of the Russian telecommunications sector and is strongly associated with projects and solutions that contribute to the success of its customers. Years of work and experience have allowed the operator to take up a special place in the Russian telecom market and earn the status of a personal «telecom-tailor» for its customers.

Gars Telecom takes in hand the organization of communication of the company's «MFC Foods» main office, as well as connection to a network of more than 30 objects of the structure for that they all work consistently as a whole.