The Company new development strategy has allowed increasing twice growth dynamics and move Gars Telecom capitalization closer to 40 MUSD.

Gars Telecom consolidated revenues in 2007 was 411901 thousand rubles that 60,7% more than for the previous year (249941 thousand rubles).

In 2007 the Company launched several original projects oriented on corporate market: wireless videomonitoring “Dozor”, videotelephony, innovation wireless broadband secured internet access “3G office.

Moreover ‘The new quality standards’ has started aimed to increase the level of the clients’ service. Nowadays Service Department by the reaction speed on the clients’ requests definitely leads among the capital telecom-carriers.

Since 2007 Gars Telecom has been working on North-West region market. Thus, by the year end results Gars Telecom serves 1’553’000 square meters in 78 business centers in the both capitals. Among new clients in 2007 were famous international brands such as SNEF, DHL, Libra Hospitality, REHAU, Lindner AG, D’aucy, ‘Energomash’, Alliance Continental, Detsky mir, Peresvet group, ‘Renessans insurance’, ‘EMS Garsnpost’ and others.

Gars Telecom aim is to place up to 20% of the telecommunication market for corporate clients in Moscow and up to 15% in Saint-Petersburg by 2010. To achieve such results we are planning 15 MUSD investments in business development during 2008”.