Time is money, and if somebody helps to look after both of them, you can forget about worries and live in a quiet rhythm.

The investment company Kresko Finance provides a wide range of elite financial services. Cresco Finance is a professional participant of the Russian stock market and has the licenses of FFMS of Russia on dealing, brokerage and management activities of securities. In addition, it is an accredited participant of the tradings on the MICEX Stock Exchange, as well as a member of the National Association of the Stock Market Participants (NAUFOR).

Company proclaims its mission to contribute to economic development and welfare of its customers. The main advantage can be considered a rapid response to changing situation on the market and to the customer need to change the preferences in investments. Cresco Finance's specialists are always aware of the most important news which can maintain a positive return on multidirectional markets.

The group of companies Gars Telecom also entirely realizes the need of monitoring even the slightest changes in the market and in the world as a whole. And understands that acting when the change has already come, is equivalent to the loss. Also in the field of telecommunications and consulting any changes themselves are the driving force of business and the foundation of prosperity. And the effective management of those changes – is the basis of the company's success.

While Cresco Finance will be successfully managing the finances of their clients, Gars Telecom operator will be confidently managing the telecommunications of the company.