“Humanity is heading towards, advancing on the way,” and the theatrical center “Vishnevy sad” (“Cherry Orchard”), having settled down at a new venue, has got a telecommunication partner Gars Telecom, that is also in constant pursuit of perfection.

Although the theatrical center “Vishnevy sad” was founded in 1995, it gave performances on fellow stages of Armen Dzigaharian Teatre and the Visotsky center - and only in 2014  moved to the own building on Malaya Sukharevskaya square.

This stage is receiving telecommunication services by Gars Telecom. The carrieк set up telephony at the theare, thus there's no more need to spend time in queques to the theatrical booths. The tickets can be easily be purchased by phone. And, despite a purely Chekhov-inspired name of the theatre, the visitors can enjoy plays by Tennessee Williams, Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesko and many others.