Regulator has solved the problem of the lack of codes for the long distance communications. In summer The Ministry for Communications is going to release the specification by which IC/LD codes will become ternary: the first number will be 5 and than the prefixes from 0 to 99 should follow. By the theory this measure will allow 50 operators entering the long distance communications market.

During the demonopolization on the long distance communications market more than 30 operators have got IC/LD-licenses, among them codes for the services rendering have got seven companies. In the pre-select mode because of the technical specifications only nine operators can work, that is why only two free codes pares are available. However, there are much more applicants.

The Ministry for Communications is ready to make IC/LD codes in ternary mode to solve this problem. The code will begin from 5 that determines hot-choice and the prefixes from 0 to 99 will follow. Thus, up to 50 operators will be able to get IC/LD codes. This model supposes using the pre-select and hot-choice modes while the each telephone calls.