In the middle of the last century, the owners of two provincial Californian Cafes — Burt Baskin and Irav Robbins decided to join their businesses and create а new restaurant’s concept, named “ice cream parlor”. Nowadays “Baskin Robbins” has an “Ice Cream Empire” status, and company’s representative offices are opened in more than 70 countries all over the world.

In the early 90’s the emperors appeared at the Russian market by opening the first store in Moscow, and six years later its own factory for frozen sweets producing was launched. Today, the Moscow plant “Baskin Robbins” produces 16.5 tons of ice cream per year and is the second largest one in the world. In September 2011 Europe’s largest “Baskin Robbins” store was opened on New Arbat.

Gars Telecom is used to collaborate with the companies, described as “the best” ones. “Baskin Robins” has received one new status — from this day it is an ice cream manufacturer with the best telecommunications.