As you know, if you don’t know something — “ask someone who knows!” This truth is so simple, logical and rational that the presence of consulting in all areas and fields of business not only expected but even is necessary.

The company “Mikhailov & Partners” offer consultations to the leaders of Russian and international business, helping them to create corporate reputation, establish internal and external communications, protect the strategic interests of customers. A thorough understanding of trends in the development of modern business, politics and public life allows the company to develop and implement effective communication strategies, and the union of certified consultants with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of competencies allows to form effective teams in Russia and abroad.

The company Gars Telecom as no one else understands the importance of consulting activity and therefore responsibly takes care of all of the telecom infrastructure of the company “Mikhailov & Partners” for that all the communications of its central and other offices would work without any interruptions, and all the decisions would contribute to business growth and the maximum efficient coordination of all projects, both federal and international. The experts in the field of telecom consulting of Gars Telecom develop effective strategies of telecommunications infrastructure for each individual business, taking into account its current position, the competitive environment and other important factors. The team of professionals will compose the best IT budgets, as well as will help to identify unsustainable expenses, that can be saved.