Controlled from meadows to market stall: GK “Erconproduct”, one of the main players on Russian dairy and canning for over 20 years, has been in a state of constant growth and expansion, supplying its customers with renewed product lines and contemporary food brands.

These days, the company’s portfolio comprises such flagman brands as “Milky country” condensed milk and “Frau Marta” canned vegetables. Less well known but nonetheless noteworthy brands can easily be named one-of-a-kind. Thus, the Russian Mufti Council has recognized the “Halal” trademark, and another trademark’s appearance, “USSR”, reminds of tastes of Soviet times.

It is interesting to mention that “Erconproduct” has been operating on b2b market as well. By supplying other food concerns, including grocery and confectionary ones, the company proves its status of multifaceted producer.

The multifaceted activities and implementation of new services are not alien to Gars Telecom either. And we are thrilled to introduce “Erconproduct” as our new partner and ready to provide it with high quality services without limits on size and scale of the task.