For a modern and mobile citizen of a megapolis, cooking often comes under the scenario of “Mission. Impossible”: spending 2 hours commuting, spending much time at work and carving out a few spare minutes – all this routine leaves little time for honing one’s culinary skills. Company Elementaree comes up with a perfect solution for such busy bees by offering sets for nutritious and balanced diet.

Elementaree is a food constructor aimed at making life in office easier. Daily the company delivers lunch sets with products prepared for eating – already cut, peeled and packed into sealable plastic bags. This way cooking becomes a LEGO-like activity – following the instructions is in the first place, and the tasty and sophisticated lunch is ready.

Since its establishment in 1997, Gars Telecom facilitates processes without cutting on quality, so Elementaree’s decision to partner up with the carrier seems logical and consecutive, as we share this passion of optimization.