Each client has its own needs and goals, and you should always take in account them while working through the specific connection scenario, the design and implementation of the telecommunication facilities. This is the meaning of consulting, that doesn’t accept standard solutions and faceless attitude to the client.

"Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport" is the largest scientific centre of the rail industry in the field of research and design development, which is able to carry out the whole range of certification tests. It is a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways", which is composed of 17 academic departments, 6 branches, the graduate school and the dissertation council.

The Institute has the unique conditions for testing new and existing rail technology, so it is important for the organization of specialists to carry out all the plans as soon as possible, avoiding downtime in production. It is therefore of "VNIIZT" main key aspect of the task set by the operator, was the timing of its implementation. Telecommunications at the facility had to be connected with maximum efficiency.

For the group of companies Gars Telecom the similar problems are not so very complicated. The company provides the minimum duration of the projects through streamlined business processes, branched own infrastructure and partnership opportunities. Construction of the "last mile" in Moscow is up to two weeks, and the inclusion of services in the points of presence - for just three days. Therefore, the operator can easily missed the set time - quickly and smoothly, as the rails, worked connection script, design and implementation of telecommunication facilities of object.