Gars Telecom runs large-scale art project. Several times a year for the Company partners and friends exclusive events are planning to be held — one day exhibitions of the world art masterpieces and concerts of the nontrivial musicians from the different countries.

We believe that are eager to become something more than only the best personal telecom counteragent and telecom-salon. Desire to share our passion to the life and art with our partners and friends has become the basic motivation to run “Gars Telecom Art Salon” project.

The first “Gars Telecom Art Salon” has gathered more than 150 bon vivant from the large Russian and foreign companies — top managers and business owners.

Event guests have degustated rare Italian vine from the Casalone vinery with the three hundred years history, listened to the jazz Pentabrass Quintet also from Italy that was a nominee of the Grammy Awards 2006; visited picture-show of the original masterpieces of 15-17 centuries Holland art and the top jewellery of the four Russian masters.

By the first event the catalogue with the presented works will be published and the music disc with the live unplugged concert will be recorded.