Way back the biblical legend of the Tower of Babel proves that the ignorance of the languages will take you nowhere.

Being clearly aware of this, the most popular service in the CIS for the study and practice of English language LinguaLeo has set a goal to erase all the language barriers and help the whole world to communicate freely. And now more than 6 million users all around the world use 200 thousand useful materials, 9 interactive trainings, more than 50 grammatical and thematic courses and a personal dictionary. And the professional team consisting of 60 people living all around the world, is trying every day to bring the world to the possibility of communication without borders and language barriers for that their online students could read fluently, understand the spoken language and not be afraid to talk.

The project was the winner of the All-Russian competition IT-Business-2011 and the laureate of other awards, including “Clouds-2012” and “Clouds-2013”, “the best Web application” (according to the “Software of the Year 2011” of Mail.ru), best IT startup (Russian Startup Rating 2012).

The group of companies Gars Telecom realizes the destructiveness of language barriers and therefore has made it a rule to speak with their clients language of “business and needs” comprehensible to both sides rather than the one with technical terms or “kilometres of wires” and “numbering capacity”. That philosophy has allowed the operator to find from the very earliest days large customers with non-standard requests – because there has always been the essential common understanding between us.

For that LinguaLeo was available in each country, to any of its users, the company Gars Telecom takes the lead in organizing the smooth work of its main office and is ready to support and increase the global reach of this successful project.