History of Russian television is quite rich and interesting. Even on 22 March 1951, Central TV studio started to broadcast news and films, just three times a week. It is difficult to believe in that, because nowadays TV programs are going within 24 hours.

Being unique in broadcast manners, new TV presenters began to appear during television development. Nowadays, if person wants to work in that sphere, he must be in line with special norms. However, our generation is fortunate, because there is a possibility to study at special TV and radio schools. One of them is Modern TV college.

The uniqueness of school consist of the newest world education program, whereby real professionals are graduate. Should be mentioned, that one of the most important feature of school – its teachers. They are active TV workers, the best broadcasters and actors, teachers of top universities like VGIK, GITIS, MSU, MARHI etc.

At Gars Telecom, we have Talentocracy. As well as in Modern TV College we are ruled by creative approach. No doubt, that it allow us to find a common ground with our new Client.