Despite the Italian name, OGGI was founded in Saint-Petersburg in 1998. As if for today the company possesses more than 280 shops in hundred of cities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. "OGGI" means "today". Indeed, in the shops of this brand up to date women clothing for every day and any occasion is presented. Ladies from 16 to 40 prefer this brand because it's two main lines – bright teenage "ultra" and strict classic "collection" meet the requirements of the wide range of clients. OGGI is one of a few companies, which realizes clothing and creates it as well. Another feature of this company is its monthly renewal of the collections (more than 2500 models per year). With the understanding that the chosen dress will be unlikely seen on anyone else, each customer feels special. Gars Telecom’s business-model and education also suppose special relationship with each customer. And OGGI is not an exception from this rule.