Hacklin Group is a logistics company since 1908. In 1985 Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd. was founded. The company’s head office was located in Hamina (Finland). Due to its disposition (only 35 km to Russian board) Hamina port has become an important transit point between Europe and Russia and CIS countries, and Hacklin Hamiko — the large full-cycle transport company.

The services provided by the company include project logistics — help in industrial companies and particular branches moving. Beside it the company provides all types of international cargo delivery, warehousing (more than 70 thous. square meters of Hamina warehouse premises belong to the company), chooses and optimizes cargo routs, assists in transport documents processing, etc.

Gars Telecom engineers treat its clients’ infrastructure with due care. Now we are going to take care of Hacklin Hamiko telecommunications as well.