Gars Telecom supports Google Developer Day — the largest event for the market of the leading searching system in the world. There will plan the 15 global conferences over the world — in Bangalore, Beijing, Yokohama, London, Madrid, Mexico, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Sydney, San-Paolo, Taipei and Tel-Aviv.

The basic part of Google Developer Day is to learn using the Google technologies to expand the limits of possibilities in web applications. Engineers and the heads of the web development divisions in Google carry out the advanced lectures about the last technologies and seminars about the code writing. One more Google Development Day 2008 purpose is to gather together leading web developers for the experience and ideas exchange.

“Initiators of the Google forum referred Gars Telecom as the Company which is able to render the high services level, — tells Evgeniy Pickersgill, Gars Telecom Commercial Director. — It is not a secret that the all services realized by Google traditionally concerned to be the leaders in the chosen niches, and the Company always co-operate with the best vendors”.

The event oriented on the representatives from Russia and the CIS countries will take place in the heart of our capital in “Amber Plaza” — the “A” class business center served by Gars Telecom. Especially for the conference Gars Telecom will widen the capacity of the advanced wireless access in “Amber Plaza”.