As they say, first you judge «how nice». You must admit, that appearance is the great significance in the business world. The suit must be clean, ironed and appropriate for each situation. But how to find time for the care of clothing with really busy schedule? The Dry cleaning «Bianca» knows how.

The Dry cleaning «Bianca» is service with high quality. Company is established in 2002 and nowadays it is considered to be a leader in the premium segment for caring for the textile, leather and fur production. Unique technologies in manufacture were successfully developed as a result of long-term partnership with leading Italian technologist and Ph.D in Chemistry - Alberti Angelo, which is regarded as a founder of care for the textile and leather production.

Dry cleaning works for busy men, which know how worth are clothes. In turn, we know how worth is telephone communication and internet connection. That`s why we find common ground with our new Client Dry cleaning «Bianca».