Fitch Ratings is the global rating agency with almost century history that won recognition and became a guide in investment sphere all over the world. Fitch was a company who in 1924 put into practice widely famous rating scale from “AAA” to “D”. Nowadays Fitch Ratings is 740 analysts in 50 branches and affiliated companies all over the world, rendering credit scorings and ratings by 5 600 financial organizations.

Yearly business breakfast that has become TMT (telecommunications, technologies and media companies) market good tradition united telecommunications analysts and also leading Russian telecom-companies such as MTS, Uralsvyazinform, Beeline, Gars Telecom, Megafon and others. On the event were elucidated last news and credit capacity trends of European and the CIS countries telecommunication sector.

According to Fitch analysts, in Russia further mobile penetration potential is observed that can be illustrated by Moscow and Saint-Petersburg rates that are 154 and 137 per cent pro tanto (4Q 2006). EBIDTA in the sector is high enough and is about 50 per cent. The all this proofs essential industry credit capacity in the whole.

Fitch also determined the brightest factors for Russian traditional fixed communications carriers in 2007. With the changes in regulations traditional fixed carriers will place the best positions in the broadband sphere owing to the total last mile control. In accordance with Fitch, Comstar and Golden Telecom are the industry leaders but new players’ appearance is also possible.

Finally, local communications charged per minute services will allow segmenting client base more effectively rendering flexible tariffs that will depend on client requirements. And innovative carriers solutions that help to save competitive market positions Fitch considers to be the valid reason for advance ratings.