In last November the Chairman of Sberbank talked about the necessity to create the new strategy for the bank development. And the investment direction should become the one out of the priority ones.

In March, 2008 German Gref reported about the large-scale expansion of Sberbank for the further 5 years within the assets prices decreasing. And there were talks in the bank sphere concerning the possible acquisition of the Dresdner Bank division — Dresdner Kleinwort.

At last in October, 2008 the new structure appearance was announced — “Sperbank capital” — 100% controlled company. Upon the “Sberbank capital” the bank plans to create investments division. The scale and opportunities of the new financial structure are also practically assured — the leader in the segment was born.

To develop the new structure the team of the best and trustworthy providers is creating. Including AstraRossa — industrial design and innovations center, founded by Vladimir Pirozhkov, and certainly Gars Telecom. The service level of Gars Telecom will allow without extra efforts becoming those operator which is able to provide unprecedented demands of “Sberbank capital” in telecommunications.