In 2008 a remarkable and ambitious company entered Russian market. It represented well-known coffee brand Squesito.

Squesito offers coffee-lovers traditional Italian espresso — that might have come into office life only due to capsular coffee appearance on the market. Capsular technology allows to keep the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans to the maximum and to make preparation process easy and quick.

The recipe of Squesito coffee blends is based on a unique selection and combination of several bean sorts from the best plantations of Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia and Asian countries.

Easily and delicately Squesito entered offices, bars and houses in 25 Russian cities, acquired large-scale partner network and got real gourmets’ respect.

Hard-driving ambitions are familiar and congenial to Gars Telecom, and ideas of clients care underlie our philosophy. That is why our companies immediately got the same wave and decided to collaborate.