Schmitz Cargobull’s sets a perfect example of the evolution in action: the company turned from a smithy in German outlands into an international manufacturer of truck bodies just in 70 years.

Of course, all praise can be given to the industrial revolution and implementation of flow production, but the facts show that when Heinrich Schmitz, began to construct wagons at the family's forge in 1892, he was going in the right direction. The automobile industry just started to emerge, and in 20s Schmitz Cargobull presented its first semi-trailers, by 70s had already been dealing with clients from the Middle East, and in 00s its annual turnover exceeded 1 million euros.

Nowadays there are Schmitz Cargobull’s subsidiaries all around the world, and its trailers and wagons deliver cargos to various destinations. Yet Gars Telecom renders telecommunication services only for Russian counterpart of the company, and we believe that our partnership will open new horizons.