The only reminder that initially Avia Ashok Leylard was an avia company lies in its original name: this sets a perfect example of an enterprise that managed to adjust to contemporary customers’ needs without losing on quality.

Today Avia Ashok Leylard is one of the largest truck supplements manufacturer whose DNA is still linked to the aircraft famous for its quality and accurateness.  The key event in company’s history was the acquisition by Korean Daewoo that signified the final transition to automotive industry. By adopting best practices of the Asian leading automaker, the renovated enterprise gained attention of Indian Ashok Leylard that still owns the company. In Russia Avia Ashok Leylard stepped as a full-fledged truck manufacturer, and since 2010 it is also involved into joint venture with “Volgabus”.  

As a company with a non-linear history, Avia Ashok Leylard  can easily be named among the most innovative truck manufacturers. The openness of that kind is not alient to Gars Telecom. We see pur partnership with Avia Ashok Leylard as an opportunity to implement a non-standard and ambitious project for a very interesting account.