So interesting life can be sometimes - everything is cyclical! For example, the company Trigon Gulf of the United Arab Emirates. In 1989, it was founded – where would you think? – in Moscow. And it was definitely a fortunate place of birth for the multidisciplinary trade organization with a global presence now! A developed network headquartered in Dubai covers countries such as China, India, Singapore, Ukraine, and closes the circle again in Russia.

Here, on the territory of its foundation a reliable rear will provide the operator Gars Telecom. For that the commitment to a strong and thorough partnership is the standard which we strictly follow. Each client is given a personal attention, every problem - a special approach.

Considering that the mission of Trigon Gulf is an exceptional attention to the customers and the provision of high-quality service, Gars Telecom maintains the “balance of good” in nature and pays back in kind to the company.