The bank of the signed agreements of Gars Telecom to serve the commercial real estate has surpassed 2’505’000 square meters.

Only for the last month we have won three tenders to render telecom-services and internet access in the “A” and “B+” class business centers with 118’000 square meters.

At the current time our department develops the projects in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg with the total area of 3’046’000 squire meters. If we sign the all planned agreements by 2010 year the total served area will be probably more than 5 million square meters.

The quantity growth of the signed contracts concerns as a matter of fact in Gars Telecom. “We always come near the step forward the market: in 2003 Gars Telecom offered the market original technologies in the sphere of telecom-management in the commercial real estate. Until the current time the “Local Telecommunication Carrier™” that is exclusively rendered by the consolidated opinion of developers stays the most effective either for tenants or for the developers.