Since the 2006 year end Gars Telecom analytical department has investigated telecommunications services effectiveness usage by the company clients.

Statistic shows that far from being always clients use the all opportunities that are opened before them by telecommunications.

We are not talking only about innovation services but about traditional fixed telephony and an Internet access. So, researches upon the statistics of incoming calls on the client’s numbers for the 5 months of 2007 have showed that on the average 20.9 % of incoming calls are losing. So, clients and business partners on another end can hear only busy tone. The major loss factor is the lacking of city numbers.

As the different company and aiming to assist exceptional client’s business development Gars Telecom is running “Double benefit” action. In July, 2007 every second number is a present. On the morrow of action among clients who have ordered telephone numbers within the action plasma-panel will be drown.