“Energomash” Group was founded in 1998 to unite seven large-scale enterprises of the power machine-building complex and to strengthen market positions of companies. In March 2006 “Energomash” gas turbine heat power plants produced over 1 billion kV per hour that allowed company to enter the leading three of the industry.

“Energomash” Group enterprises implement complex programs aimed at the enhancement of efficiency of the production of energy and industrial machinery as well as the program of construction of the new generation gas turbine heat power plants. Group enterprises perform their activity on the basis of the state-of-the-art achievements in scientific researches while carrying out their own development of new technologies, machinery and materials. Group enterprises provide for development, manufacture, delivery, installation and service of the turbine, electric devices and heat-exchange equipment for heating, nuclear and hydroelectric power stations, for minor energy projects, as well as the equipment for oil-and-gas, oil refining, metallurgical, chemical, construction and a number of other industries.

Within the bounds of cooperation with “Energomash” Group Gars Telecom will render the whole range of telecommunication services and realize regional network for Group enterprises that will allow showing carrier extraordinary approach to the large scope projects.