The pool of the exceptional companies a newcomer has jointed — Renaissance Credit Bank from Renaissance Group.

Renaissance Credit serves about 2 million clients and offers the credits services in more than 63 regions of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, and in 13 regions of the Ukraine. The one out of key bank project is the creation of the best and the largest IT platform that allows approving credits in on-line mode.

The bank network includes more than 10500 credit centers that are in the 11 time zones of Russia.

CB Renaissance Capital is a part of Consumer Crediting Renaissance Group which is the part of Renaissance Group which includes the financial and investment companies that specialized on the advanced developing markets in Russia, the Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA, Cyprus, Britain anв Virgin Islands and Bermudas.

Earlier Gars Telecom has become a telecom-partner of the other Renaissance Group participant — Renaissance Insurance Company.