ASCO Group has been working on insurance services market since 1989. For this long period the Company has become the first out of leading companies in Tatarstan.

“ASCO” ownership capital is equal 375 029 295 rubles and smoothly running reinsurance system that allows insuring risk of any size.

In 2007 Insurance Group “ASCO” won a prize of the interregional businessmen organization for the contribution in progress of the Russian economy. Moreover it was also acknowledged by national insurance sphere awards “Silver umbrella” in “Insurance brand 2007” nomination.

Largest corporate structures, legal bodies, and hundreds of individuals trust Insurance Group “ASCO” to protect its interest. Nowadays the Company reliability is provided by balanced insurance portfolio, tariffs range professional approach, quality reinsurance risks system, and premium class telecommunications from Gars Telecom as well. There are several insurance companies in the Gars Telecom clients’ pool, among them is “Renaissance Insurance” and the “First Insurance Company”. The new client is also has a Exceptional client of the different company status.