Gars Telecom will be among the first companies in Russia that render services upon the network protocol IPv6.

The Company got the access to the IPv6 addresses to realize the test network segment with the interaction ability with the other provider.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is the new version of the IP protocol aimed to solve the problems which the previous version faced with. Developed more than 20 years ago IPv4 used 32bt address scheme that limited the number of unique addresses by the 4 billion. At the same time, by the analytics data, by 2012 will be 17 billion users connected to internet.

IPv6 protocol launching allows not only decreasing the costs but stretching the range of the rendering data transmission and telematic services. And important that fact, that IPv6 protocol provides easier move to the new generation networks either in fixed or mobile communications and allows creating support mechanisms of the mobile network devices.