By the Institute for Economic Strategies of Russian Academy of Sciences (INES RAS) Gars Telecom is steadily on the 8th position in the “Rating of strategic telecommunications companies”. And also for the third year Gars Telecom has saves the 4th position in the “50 the most strategic telecommunications companies” rating in “Fixed communications” category.

Therefore, in the TOP10 in 2007 are the following companies: “Vympelcom” (85,1, ААА), “Comstar” (82,7, ААА), “MTS” (80,0 AAB), “Megafon” (79,2 ABА), “Golden Telecom” (77,2 BAB), “Rostelecom” (77, AAB), “Interregional TransitTelecom” (75,8 АBB), “Gars Telecom” (75,2 ABB), “Corbina Telecom” (74, ВВВ) и “The Russian Satellite Communications Company” (73,9 АBА).

The high rates Gars Telecom connects with the company structure flexibility that gives an opportunity to carry out deep system changes saving growth dynamics. Moreover, new strategy has become effective enough that has allowed saving not only our position among the field leaders, but measurably improve position in the “100 the most strategic Russian companies” rating moving from 98 up to 73 place.

Earlier in 2007, company proved status of the one out of the ternary professional telecom-companies for the commercial real estate market. Gars Telecom consultants are traditionally among Estimating Committees of the core Russian commercial estates awards (follows alphabetically) — Building Awards, Commercial Real Estate Awards, Professional Media Awards.