At the pointed time talantocracy has become the one out of the strategy elements for the Company — we have been hunt for the talent people and invite them to become the part of our unique team.

But it’s still not enough. Nowadays, we have begun to serve the largest recruiting Russian project, and we systematically helps to find the own way for the talented, experienced, and the people who want to become more clever and leave better.

The new Gars Telecom client is HeadHunter Companies Group the one out of the oldest on-line resources for the searching and hunting the personnel. daily is visited by more than 170 thousand people. HeadHunter services are used by more than 50 thousand largest Russian and international companies. There are more than 2 million CVs and more than 80 thousand vacancies. Daily 4 000 CVs and 3 000 vacancies are added to the HeadHunter base.

The representative offices are worked in the regions of Russia Federation and also abroad — in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia.