Today, on the 4th March, the anniversary “Corporate IT strategies in Russia and the CIS” Summit organized by the Adam Smith Institute.

In this year among the core Summit reporters are M. Senatorov (CB RF), V.Urias (Rusal), S. Kirushin (Aeroflot), A.Illarionov (Russian Railways), R.Gimranov (Surgutneftegaz), S.Pegasov (Wimm-Bill-Dann), V.Studitskih (Skylink), D.Aleksandrov (Gars Telecom), R. Zaedinov (Krok), Paul Coby ( British Airways) as well.

Besides, within the bounds of this event Gars Telecom Analytical Department carries out the following research “Russian enterprises readiness for the IT outsourcing”. Owing to this research market players get an ability to see vividly the dynamic of the business society opinion changing for the last reporting period that can be an argument to make right decision setting the company strategy. Preliminary results will be announced on the last Summit day — March the 6th exclusively for the conference participants.