New Gars Telecom client is Freudenberg Group from Germany. Its production under the Simrit™ brand can be found on aboard ocean-going vessels, on the oil drilling platforms, in hydroelectric dam control equipment, or in first aid and rescue equipment. In a word — all over where high quality shaft seals and vibration control technology components are needed.

Freudenberg Group is a family business that was founded in 1849 when Carl Johann Freudenberg took over a tannery near Weinheim, Germany. Owing to son of the company’s founder, who became the first European developed a tanning process using chrome liquor instead of vegetable dyes, tanning industry rapidly moved step forward. Business diversification carried out by founder grandchildren allowed Freudenberg Group outlasted First World War and the economic crisis of 1929. And in 1960 a close strategic alliance with the Japanese company NOK opened Freudenberg Group the door to the international markets.

Nowadays with 50 thousand workers in 60 countries all over the world have a combined turnover of around EUR 9 billion of 14 Business Groups of the conglomerate is over 9 billion EUR.

There are very high requirements to the partners and among them to those who provide Freudenberg Group by telecommunications services. That is why Gars Telecom has been chosen as a partner.