The company Gars Telecom is not used to rest on its laurels and reduce the pace of development. The operator is aware of the fact that any stop certainly leads to the loss, especially in times of technological prevalence in all spheres of life. The company regularly updates the product line: both creating new feature packs and improving the existing ones.

So, in October 2014 GArs Telecom launches a new edition of the service “Smart Mobile”, based on the technology of FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence), which allows you to combine fixed and wireless telephony of GSM-standard into a single network.

The first version was launched by the operator in 2003 in a partnership with OJSC "MegaFon". According to the market participants, at the time it was the most appropriate option in the metropolitan market of B2B telecom of using the convergent technology. It allowed to begin to perceive a mobile component as a natural extension of the office telephone network. However, the version was far from ideal and demanded improvements in the technical, juridical and tariff aspect. The company has tried to update the package of FMC services for few years but this became possible only in partnership with JSC “VimpelCom”.

The new edition will expand the opportunities for the clients of Gars Telecom. First and foremost, there was realized a short set in regions other than the only one available for today – Moscow. The calls to short numbers between the employees will be implemented on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, in the areas of network coverage of the operator Beeline. An additional option is also developed for St. Petersburg.

The cooperation with the new contractor will also entail the tariff update for the provision of services. Now more profitable pricing decisions are available to the consumers – various modifications of the packages for Internet and long-distance calls, which together with the possibilities of setting the call transferring systems allow the companies to cut the expenses on telecommunications by 12-19%.