Gars Telecom’s Client is a dainty company with “strong” name.
Wine trade company FORT easily snatches the client’s mood and itself sets the trends of industry.

The company was founded in the the mid-90’s — the challenging times of our country — and immediately took a perspective business segment of an alcohol market, a strong drinks segment. By the noughties the company’s interests have shifted to the dainty wines. And for the ten years FORT has been a popularly accepted industry’s leader.

Current company’s choice consists of 800 items by 125 producers in Chile, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Romania, Austria, New Zealand and South Africa.
FORT is also a good example of a brilliant service company. FORT was among the first on the Russian market to develop practice of direct purchase from an importer, that allows private consumers to buy rare and collection wines at acceptable prices. Standing as not only a wine supplier, but also as a consultant, FORT provides a wide range of additional services — from delivery system to the client’s house to assistance in wine list forming to the restaurants and the hotels.

Choosing Gars Telecom as fix and mobile communications carrier, Wine Trade company FORT has laid the foundation of friendly and partner relationship of our companies. We hope they will become long-term and effective as well.