The leading national rating agency RAEX published its annual «Ranking of the largest groups and companies in the field of information and communication technologies», which summarized the work of the sector in 2014. Traditionally as part of the ranking was also composed the list of top-10 leading companies in providing telecommunications services.

According to the RAEX representative Vartan Hanferyan, the total revenue of the participants of the telecommunications sector has reached 9.7 billion rub., having increased by 9%.

Most of it covers the income of company «Asteros», which amounts to 4 079 399 thousand rub. And the 2nd and 3rd place in top-10 leaders in providing telecommunications services similar to the 2014 have taken up the companies «Technoserv» (income – 2 426 442 thousand rub.) and «CROC» (income – 1 167 481 thousand rub.). The group of companies Gars Telecom has improved the previous year results and scaled to the 4th place. Futhermore the financial results of the company trail behind the previous stage only by 27 629 thousand rub. During the analyzed period the total revenue of Gars Telecom has amounted to 1 139 852 thousand rub. The 5th place of the rating has taken up the company Softline (income – 378 203 thousand rub.).

«The economically challenging year did not hamper the operator Gars Telecom to resist the market conditions, which not only enhanced their indice, but also improved them. The credit is due to the promptly taken measures – strengthening the financial unit, which allows a detailed study of the drivers of income in various aspects of activity and to relate them to the level of costs», - says CEO of Gars Telecom Pavel Gorenkov.