Our clients, partners and friends have asked us for a long time to break a secret of Gars Telecom. There is the secret of the company and its employee’s charisma.

Today, within the year when our Company is 10 year old, feeling the wisdom, we have decided to break several mysteries and have launched a new project. Portal was named “Talentocracy”. It is about our unique colleagues and the business philosophy.

A person spends more than a half of the life on the job. Agree that we would like to spend this time comfortably. And also we want not the stupid people around. The skeleton of our team — is the managers that had come to Gars Telecom from large companies, including multinational. Very often the big company means that you are a cog in the machine. And occasionally you are surrounded by the people of the different status including ethic. And fools are as well. Sometimes your supervisor is also a fool.

This philosophy of the business organization assumes that the intelligent, talented and polite people are around you. Opportunity to work and communicate with interesting and creative and interesting community can be a motivation itself to come to the office every day with pleasure. It also educates and places the high standards.

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