Gars Telecom takes care of your business, helping it to grow and accompanies the clients at all stages of development, from start-up to global corporation. To consider all of your needs, we have prepared several options of service levels.

When you are developing the services and products, along with the industry specificity, it is necessary to take into account the age of the business, its development strategy, as well as the dependence of the models of service provision on the consumption structure and reliability of receiving any telecom services. Our new approach takes into account that for businesses of even one branch different aspects of the same products and services are important.

The analytical department of Gars Telecom has accomplished a study on the impact of the assortment of telecom services range consumed by the enterprises on the clients’ business, as well as of the options included in the customer service. That allowed to systematize the typical profiles of telecom services consumption and to develop a matrix of top-priority customer service options for different types of clients. As a result – to offer the market a brand new option – the customer service levels. With the consistently high quality of the services the Gars Telecom clients now have the opportunity to purchase telecom services with a set of options that suit their business. And to use the budget more efficiently.

In the current economic situation the new approach will be useful to thousands of Russian enterprises, enabling more efficient spending of the budgets on communications services, getting rid of excess options of customer service (or vice versa, increasing the level of service to the required one), but at the same time preserving the quality of services at the highest level.